Organizations who feel they meet the criteria are advised to call Karen A. Rightmire at 610-376-7494 and be prepared to answer the following questions prior to submitting a grant request:

  • What are you asking of The Wyomissing Foundation?
  • What critical community problem are your addressing?
  • How are you addressing it?

If the grant request falls within the Foundation’s grant-making guidelines and interests, the Foundation President will suggest that the format defined below be used in submitting the grant request.

  1. Face Sheet
  • Introduction; maximum of five paragraphs
  • Describes the requesting organization
  • Includes three or four sentences regarding the request
  • Specifies the amount requested
  1. The Request (three to four pages to include the following):
  • Why you are requesting support
  • The critical community need or problem being addressed (show evidence of the problem)
  • How will your project address that need and/or problem?
  • What value will the community receive from The Wyomissing Foundation grant dollars?
  • The measurable outcomes expected
  • How the project or program will be evaluated
  • The scope of the project or program
  • Timelines for the project or program
  • The individual who is accountable for the project or program and his/her qualifications
  • The budget for the project or program; include both expenses and revenue (list other potential funding both assured and requested)
  • List any collaborative efforts regarding the project
  • What is your organization’s annual fundraising plan?
  • Do 100 percent of your board members contribute to annual fund raising? What is the largest gift from a board member in the last 12 months?
  • List lower cost alternatives you have considered as opposed to this expenditure of funds
  • Is this a one-time ask?
  • How will the project or program sustain itself? Future funding?
  • What is the uniqueness of the program or project?
  • Are there other local organizations providing a similar service or product?
  • What level of volunteer involvement does the organization have?
  • Close with a succinct summary of the request and include the amount being requested.
  1. Addendums to be included
  • History of the requesting organization
  • Current budget
  • 501 (C)(3) status
  • Most recent audited financial report (include the Management Letter)
  • Most recent 990
  • Last two years’ funding sources
  • Board and staff summary