• On Your Feet Foundation Program Evaluation; On Your Feet Foundation; May 2014
  • Economic Impacts of Energy Efficiency Investments in New York’s North Country Region; Energy Efficiency Equals Economic Development; May 2014
  • Arts Center Accessible to All; Sadisfield Arts Center; November 2013
  • Berkshire Festival of Women Writers March 2014; Berkshire Festival of Women Writers; November 2013
  • Barrett Early Learning Center Phase II; Building Goodness Foundation; Michael Plehn; Charlottesville, VA; April 2013
  • Infant-Parent Court Affiliated Intervention Project; Children’s and Rehabilitation Center; Mia Plehn; Bronx, NY; April 2013
  • Save Fuller Farm; Barnstable Land Trust; Alexena Frazee; Cotuit, MA; April 2013
  • You Art What You Eat Program; GSS/Foster Pride; Pete Muhlenberg; New York, NY; April 2013
  • Federally-Qualified Community Health Center; Hilltown Community Health Services; Eliza Lake; Huntington, MA; November 2012
  • Organizational Development and Fund Raising; Navarasa Dance Theater; Christian Willauer; Somerville, MA; November 2012
  • Respite Center Implementation Project; New London Homeless Hospitality Center; Cynthia Willauer; Lyme, CT; November 2012
  • The Guardian Scholars Program; Access Institute; Cornelia St. John; San Francisco, CA; May 2012
  • Advanced Transition Leaders; Transitions US; Matt St. John; Sebastopol, CA; May 2012
  • CT Mirror Education Forums; Connecticut News Project; Tom Scheffey; Hartford, CT; May 2012
  • La Chispa Library; Planting Hope; Kirsten Dunn; Montpelier, VT/ Matagalpa, Nicaragua; May 2012
  • Apple Arts Evaluation and Assessment; Apple Arts NYC; Mia Plehn; New York, NY; May 2012
  • Capacity Building: Business Manager; The Mosaic Project; Cornelia St. John; Berkeley, CA; November 2011
  • I Made It Myself; Foster Pride; Peter Muhlenberg; New York, NY; November 2011
  • Natural Play Area for Shelby Bottoms; Friends of Warner Parks; Julia Fry Landstreet; Nashville, TN; October 2010
  • Zanmi Agrikol Family Assistance Program; Partners in Health; Haley Thun; Haiti; July 2010
  • Program Manager Capacity Building Project; The Mosaic Project; Cornelia St. John; Berkeley, CA; April 2010
  • “Raise the Pulse” Capacity Building Project; Berkshire Pulse Center for the Performing Arts; Anni Crofut; Berkshire County, MA; January 2010
  • Web-Based Inventory System; Center for Ecological Technology/The ReStore; Eliza Lake; Springfield, MA; November 2009
  • Berks County Family Shelter Outreach; HIAS and Council, Migration Services of Philadelphia; Chip Karasin; Berks County, PA; November 2009

Please Note:
Family Grants are made only through direct descendants of Ferdinand and Anna Thun. Family Grants are awarded by a committee of family members using grant guidelines specific to the Family Grants Program.

Because of the special nature of the program, the Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals for Thun Family Grants. Do not use the Applying Section of this website to make your request. All applications for Family Grants must be facilitated and presented to the Foundation by a member of the Thun family.