The following will guide the grant making process in 2012:

An organization interested in seeking a grant through this program should first discuss their interest with United Way staff to determine availability of funds and appropriateness of the request

Any initial contacts with Foundation staff will be referred to United Way

If requested, the interested organization must submit a two-page Letter of Intent that describes the community issue to be addressed, a description of the proposed programmatic or organizational response and the amount of funding being requested from the Foundation

All Letters of Intent received will be reviewed by United Way staff for consistency with the Foundation’s general grant making guidelines and the parameters of this Special Grant Program

After review by United Way staff, and in consultation with Foundation staff, the request may be approved for further consideration. If so, a detailed grant proposal must be submitted. The specific information to be provided, and the specific format for the proposal will be communicated and United Way staff will assist the applying organization to ensure the proposal’s completeness

Submitted grant proposals will be fully evaluated by United Way staff, with final recommendations for funding to be reviewed with Foundation staff before submission to the Foundation Board for action.