The Wyomissing Foundation is a private Foundation established in Berks County, Pennsylvania and formed for the promotion of such charitable, scientific, literary and educational activities as the Trustees of the Foundation in their discretion may select. 

The Board of Trustees honors the wisdom of the Foundation’s Founder and continues the Foundation’s focus on the following values:

  • We use our vision, leadership and resources to address a broad spectrum of critical community needs in order to create measurable impact
  • We are proactive in our grant making and are interested in investing in the sustainability of community initiatives
  • We promote social justice through our grant making and seek grants that address the pressing needs of those most vulnerable
  • We seek out organizations or individuals who have the vision and skills to impact critical community issues, especially for those whose voices are not often heard
  • We will be a catalyst to mobilize others to invest in critical community issues
  • We identify the strengths of communities where impact can be meaningful and effective and we design initiatives that build from these strengths
  • We value diversity, which brings multiple perspectives to enrich our work and our community; work toward equity in access to resources and the opportunity for all to achieve their full potential; and believe that inclusive practices serve to recognize and welcome differences, not diminish or suppress them

To achieve our mission and values we will:

  • Task our investment consultants to identify, evaluate, and potentially make new investments with investment managers or funds led by women and underrepresented minorities
  • Use ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria when evaluating investments for inclusion in our portfolio
  • Evaluate investment managers on their efforts to improve equity, diversity, and inclusion in their organizations and in their choice of investments
  • We believe that Responsible Investing and a focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will better reflect the values and mission of The Wyomissing Foundation and will also yield investment returns that meet or exceed the Foundation’s stated targets