The Berkshire Knitting Mill BuildingSince 1927, The Wyomissing Foundation has awarded more than 1400 grants in support of diverse projects, ranging from the vital work of local community organizations to major initiatives unfolding on the world stage.


TWF funds several categories of grants and periodically changes the categories to meet changing community needs. Current categories are Community Grants, Economic Development Grants, and Family Grants. In 2020, a new grant program has been added for Pandemic Recovery and Sustainability.

Community Grants
Community grants are directly managed by Foundation staff in order to address issues in Berks County in at least one of the following categories: arts and culture, health and human services, environment, education, or community development.

These grants are typically designed to help:

  • establish new programs or projects
  • expand or enhance effective existing programs or projects
  • support organizational development and capacity building
  • support capital campaigns
  • provide general operating support for effective organizations, in limited situations

Pandemic Recovery and Sustainability Grants
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Economic Development Grants
The Board of Directors has determined that the Foundation’s priority is to encourage economic development with the goal of advancing the revitalization of neighborhoods and communities in and near the City of Reading. Approximately half of the Foundation’s annual resources are to be directed to this effort. These grants are generally awarded to projects that emanate from task forces that have been established to work in several targeted geographic areas, as selected by the Board of Directors with assistance from our consultant from Urban Partners. Therefore, unsolicited Economic Development grant applications are generally not accepted.

Karen Rightmire, president of the Foundation, spoke with the Reading Eagle newspaper about the work of the Foundation, especially in the area of community and economic development. View a video of the question and answer session that was conducted in December 2012.

Thun Family Grants
Family Grants are made only through direct descendants of Ferdinand and Anna Thun. Family Grants are awarded by a committee of family members using grant guidelines specific to the Family Grants Program.

Please Note: Because of the special nature of the program, the Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals for Thun Family Grants. Do not use the Applying Section of this website to make your request. All applications for Family Grants must be facilitated and presented to the Foundation by a member of the Thun family.