Family members who are interested in sponsoring a grant through the Wyomissing Foundation’s Family Grants Program (FGP) have the following responsibilities in the process of applying for and, if awarded, implementing the grant:

  • Make initial contact with a member of the Family Grants Committee to discuss potential grant
  • Review applications materials available on the TWF website or that are distributed by Family Grants Committee
  • Submit a one-page grant summary that describes the nonprofit organization, the purpose for the grant request, the amount requested, and his/her personal relationship with the organization
  • Support and review the nonprofit organization’s timely development of the full proposal, and submit a support letter to the Family Grants Committee as part of the final application
  • If a grant is awarded, maintain relationship with the grantee organization to periodically check on the funded program’s progress (in person, if possible)
  • Conducting an official site visit is strongly encouraged, or help facilitate it being conducted by another family member if more appropriate (Family Grants Committee will provide specific guidance when the grant is awarded)
  • Facilitate and ensure the formal final grant report is completed and submitted by the grantee organization
  • Submit a photograph of the project and a paragraph describing the family sponsor’s experience sponsoring a grant through the Family Grants Program.