Application Process

Please Note: The Wyomissing Foundation is now using Temelio, an electronic grant software, to manage all steps in its grant making process.

Please review deadline dates on the Timeline page.

Step One

To start the process, all interested applicants will need to either contact one of the staff listed below to discuss your request or submit an electronic “Letter of Intent” using the following link.

Temelio (


Pat Giles:
Karen Rightmire:
Virginia Rush:

The following information will need to be provided, regardless of your path:

  • What are you asking of The Wyomissing Foundation?
  • What are the critical needs your request will address?
  • How will you be addressing them?

A decision will be made about whether to proceed with a full application once your initial information has been reviewed.

Step Two

If a full application is requested, you will receive an email with a login and link to the Temelio application portal. The specific application questions to be answered will vary depending on the type of grant requested, and a number of supporting documents will need to be uploaded into the software.

If you have questions or need assistance in working in the Temelio software, please contact Pat Swavely, Executive Assistant, at 610-376-7494 or